Background. The Capital District (Saratoga, Schenectady, Rennselaer and Albany County); to include Warren, and Washington Counties are the home of over 60,000 Veterans. In Saratoga County there are over 700 Veterans that were either collecting or have exhausted their Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI). In 2013, the Capital District experienced over 1,500 reports of homeless Veterans. On a specific reporting date; there were 191 homeless Veterans with 157 in shelters and 34 Veterans not in shelters.

Unemployment, homelessness and the risk of being homeless are challenges that our Veterans should not have to experience.

Complete the Mission Project Team (CtMP) Composition and Disposition. The CtMP’s core team is comprised of local and regional Veteran advocates.

  • Felipe C. Moon
  • Amy Clinton
  • Shawn Lescault
  • Marlo Merrithew
  • Mary Ann Johnson

We will accomplish this task by pairing resources from financial institutions, non-profit organizations and corporate sponsors. In coordination with other Veteran advocacy organizations, non-government organizations, community based partners, and affiliates we will make sure our Veterans receive the right services, external assistance and benefits through outreach. The most essential portion of our charter is to ensure that our Veterans, especially those we come in contact with, are treated professionally with dignity and respect.