Background.  A diverse group of veterans calls New York State home—the fifth-largest veteran population in the country. New York State is the home of nearly 800,000 Veterans with NYC being the home of nearly 200,000 former service members. The Capital District of New York State (Saratoga, Schenectady, Rennselaer and Albany County); to include Warren, and Washington Counties are the home of over 60,000 Veterans.

America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) recently released a striking report concluding that the veteran suicide rate is 2.4 times greater than the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) estimates. According to AWP’s findings, 22-24 veterans ages 18-64 commit suicide each day and 18-20 veterans in the same age group die per day by self-injury. Combined, this points to at least 40-44 veterans taking their lives every day.  According to the VA report for 2020, an average 16.8 veterans died by suicide a day, down from almost 19 in 2018.  The bottom line is this: One Veteran suicide is one too many, and Complete the Mission Project was developed to find ways to add value to lives of our Veterans and provide them a purpose in this life.

Veterans thrive when we have a task, purpose, method and intent. When person returns home with duffle bags full of uniforms, gear and memories; they arrive searching to belong. The just left their friends and colleagues and are home starting over again.  Many have spouses/partners that are also “transitioning” with the same amount of anxiety and a certain level of expectations.  In the process; many Veterans get lost and fall through the cracks of and lose their mission and purpose.  Many Veterans experience unemployment, homelessness or the risk of being homeless are challenges and they should not have to experience drama/trauma.

Complete the Mission Project Team (CtMP) accomplishes its task by pairing resources from financial institutions, non-profit organizations and corporate sponsors. In coordination with other Veteran advocacy organizations, non-government organizations, community based partners, and affiliates we will make sure our Veterans receive the right services, external assistance and benefits through outreach. The most essential portion of our charter is to ensure that our Veterans, especially those we come in contact with, are treated professionally with dignity and respect.