NYS Job Exams

OGS/NYS has open competitive exams coming up for both the Plant Utilities and Plant Utilities Assistant titles, these are hard to recruit for titles and we have a number of positions here at OGS.    The application  deadline is July 26, 2017 and the exams will be held September 9, 2017.

The following military experience is considered examples of qualifying experience:

• U.S. Air Force: Graduate of heating, HVAC, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration apprenticeship program.
• U.S. Coast Guard: Must have been an enlisted machinery technician (MK) with the U.S. Coast Guard OR possession of a certificate as a Marine Engineer issued by the United States Coast Guard.
• U.S. Army: Must have been an enlisted power generation equipment repairer with the U.S. Army.
• U.S. Navy: Must have been an enlisted gas turbine systems technician, submarine nuclear propulsion plant operator reactor control, utilities man, machinist mate, or engineman with the U.S. Navy.
• U.S. Merchant Marine: Must have a merchant mariner’s document (MMD) and be a qualified member of the engine department (QMED) as an oiler, fireman/watertender, refrigerating engineer or engineman.

Plant Utilities Engineer ($45,018 to $54,678)